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White Paper: employment law in formation

Een witte achtergrond met de titel "WHITE PAPER HET ARBEIDSRECHT IN FORMATIE" in grote, zwarte letters bovenaan de pagina. Daaronder staat "Een grondige beschouwing van arbeidsrechtelijke ontwikkelingen en voorstellen" in een kleiner lettertype. De auteur, "mr. drs. J.J.W. van Ladesteijn", wordt vermeld. Onder deze tekst staat het logo van Vertex Legal, met de tekst "LEGAL EXPERTS IN DOING BUSINESS". Onderaan de pagina is de URL van de website "" te zien.

Existing laws and regulations provide the government with enough room to effectively help citizens. However, in practice, the government often resolves issues with more rules, laws, and complicated processes. Most citizen problems are not prevented or solved by this. Citizens benefit from changes in government behavior, not from more systems. This is stated by the Dutch National Ombudsman, Dutch Children's Ombudsman, and Dutch Veterans' Ombudsman in their 2023 annual report titled "Citizen Perspective: A Way of Doing".

Personal contact, learning to learn, thinking in possibilities instead of crises, not assuming obstacles, such as thinking the problem lies in current legislation, but concretely quantifying and testing, and above all, acting!

This aligns with the White Paper on the labor market and employment law in particular, written by Joost van Ladesteijn. See, for example, the conclusion in it. It can be simpler and better.

Whitepaper Het arbeidsrecht in formatie
Download PDF • 8.02MB


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