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General information 

Vertex Legal B.V. 

Burgemeester Le Fèvre de Montignylaan 130 

3055 NG Rotterdam 

The Netherlands 

T: +31 (0)640324944 / +31 (0)634342767


Chamber of Commerce: 81713347


Vertex Legal B.V.'s lawyers are registered with the the Dutch Bar Association (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten). 


Lawyers have to register in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association in principal (and sub) areas of law. As a result, lawyers are obliged to obtain ten training credits each calendar year in each registered principal legal area.


The following registrations apply within Vertex Legal B.V.:


Muriël Hartjes-Govaert 

  • Employment law (main area)

  • Corporate law (sub-area)

  • ​Civil procedural law (sub-area)


Joost van Ladesteijn

  • Employment law (main area)

  • Corporate law (sub-area)

  • Social security law (sub-area)

  • Tax law (sub-area)

  • Civil procedural law (sub-area)


Vertex Legals B.V.'s lawyers are insured in accordance with the rules of the professional organisation under professional indemnity policies. 

General conditions
Read our general conditions here.

Complaints procedure
Read our complaints procedure here.

No third-party funds foundation and account

Vertex Legal B.V. does not have a third-party funds foundation and third-party account. 

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