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We are on top of our game. By connecting the dots we are ahead of our competition. We make sure you avoid risks and take advantage of opportunities well before any new law and regulation. We help you win in market as frontrunner and avoid bad publicity, acting socially responsible. 


ESG is on top of CEO’s agenda and a subject matter in which you can win or lose boldly. It includes topics as diversity and inclusiveness, such as woman on boards and impending EU legislation on sustainable reporting and due diligence. With a holistic lens we help companies manage increasing complexities and address the risks and opportunities associated with key trends shaping the current and future business context faster than the competition. 


Worldwide heated discussion are pending on qualification of contracts. Governments, labor unions and pension funds claim that many independent contractors are in fact employees. Companies need to ask the question what their ideal future-fit workforce configuration is, also in type of contracts. Making such analysis can boost culture, mitigate risks and save costs.


The post-merger integration process (PMI) stands as a pivotal phase in M&A, frequently undervalued despite its critical importance. A considerable number of M&A transactions fall short of their potential or outright fail, highlighting the necessity for a meticulously executed PMI. Achieving a successful PMI can significantly enhance value, blending cultures, aligning strategies, and ensuring compliance with legal frameworks. Our expertise is in facilitating a smooth PMI, where we focus on harmonizing cultural aspects, optimizing operational efficiencies, and navigating the complexities of legal structures. We can implement a PMI strategy that not only secures a successful merger or acquisition but also sets a strong foundation for the future growth and synergy of the combined entity.


MeToo is daily news and a most sensitive subject matter that require utmost diligence. Reputations of all involved are on the line. The first step in any MeToo process is pivotal. A wrong turn can cause processes to become irreversibly incorrect with horrible examples in case law. We can help you navigate in a truly transparent, objective and independent manner.

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