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For sustainable results there is more to it than just the law in the books as primary gateway to achieve goals. Profound sector knowledge, innovative mindset, right social, psychological and business sensitivity, proven project management skills and extensive experience are equally pivotal. We are praised by our clients in this regard in the following fields:


By combining strategic advice with practical day-to-day management guidance we help you mitigate risks and achieve goals in all stages of a transaction:

  • exit-readiness

  • due diligence

  • deal shaping

  • negotiations 

  • financing

  • closing coordination

  • integration operations

We are there to partner with you from deal inception to business integration, perceptive to the legal, practical and tactical issues and the need to address these quickly.


The market is unpredictable. It is critical to be proactive and agile to respond adequately to rapidly changing circumstances. We consider projects like reorganizations and legal entity rationalizations holistically, understanding your short-term needs as well as long-term objectives. We help you deal best with:

  • company formations

  • corporate governance

  • compliance

  • supply chain and operating model effectiveness

  • legal entity simplicitation

  • shareholder disputes

  • trustees in bankruptcy

  • trade unions

  • other stakeholders

We have a connected perspective on legal possibilities, risks and intricacies. Your reputation is top of our mind.


We publish, lecture, advice and litigate on all employment law matters, such as:

  • collective employment law, including but not limited to co-determination and participation, collective labor agreements and pension funds

  • M&A, including but not limited to outsourcing and post-closing integrations

  • contingent workforce, including bogus self-employment

  • health and safety, including MeToo

  • mobility

  • equity

  • privacy

  • State Aid

We are specialized in strategic board-level matters. We go beyond legal by including matters like culture, governance and political trends, based on our extensive international experience in this field for numerous companies and captains of industries.


Proceedings can be required. We make sure you are proven right by guiding you through all aspects of the litigation process. We have a proven track record in administrative law and civil law for leading companies, including but not limited to complaints procedures, internal and external investigations and dispute settlements.

Ask us about our much appreciated compliance reviews on e.g. global mobility, health & safety and contract qualification as multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional integrated service offering. We will review your existing documents, interview stakeholders and challenge any standpoint adopted. We will provide you with a concise management report with an executive summary, our impact analysis of identified risks and opportunities as well as detailed implementation step plan, including the project management thereof.
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