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Joost van Ladesteijn
Founding Partner

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Muriël Hartjes-Govaert

Founding Partner


Caspar van der Winden


Ask yourself: does your provider do what he says you should be doing on e.g. flexibility? For Vertex Legal the answer to this question is unambiguously “yes”. By our intrinsic purpose we differentiate in a variety of manners.

We are you-imperative. We go fundamentally Nextgen on client centricity. It is our goal that you consider us part of the team. We believe that our ongoing relationship is the spring board to business success.


Deep business understanding. We understand your business and earning model as well as your history, culture and organization. By our experience, expertise and operational excellence we can pinpoint what nice-to-considers have become business-musts. 


Flexible and connected Alliance Network. The crutch of our operating model is agility and connectivity as well. In all important fields, sectors and geographies we have orchestrated a web of tried and tested alliances. We have selected our partners based on sector knowledge, expertise, people skills and experience, using a variety of reputable independent sources to go beyond. We can easily scale up and down, offering fully integrated services worldwide and ensuring best quality and practical usage of any deliverable as well quick turn around thereof. We are your fully agile one stop shop that practices what it preaches itself.


Accessibility and transparency. Real-time information availability is a pivot in this out of joint time pressing companies to rethink and reconfigure to rebound. We are fully transparent on all relevant matters via our VL Portal. You can access your file at all times and contact us when you suits best. For fact we believe in value pricing as we do not charge you for touch base calls and emails. We embrace a same-day delivery mentality as prerequisite for nurturing your market leadership.

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