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This complaints procedure applies to any services agreement between Vertex Legal B.V. (“VL”) and any client.


In this complaints procedure the following terms have the following meaning:

  • complaint: any written expression of dissatisfaction on the part of any client towards any lawyer of VL and/or the persons working under his responsibility with regard to the realization and performance of any services agreement, the quality of the service or the amount of any invoice, not being a complaint as referred to in paragraph 4 of the Advocatenwet and excluding a situation in which an internal or external complaints procedure and/or legal proceedings are ongoing or have previously occurred

  • complainant: any client of VL with a complaint

  • accused: the person concerned of VL with regard to the complaint

  • complaints officer: the lawyer responsible for any complaints handling, namely mr. drs. J.J.W. van Ladesteijn


The complaints officer will immediately inform the accused of any complaint. He gives the complainant and the accused the opportunity to explain the complaint and encourages them to reach an amicable solution. The complaints officer maintains a complaint file.


In the event of no solution, the complaints officer will inform the complainant and the accused in writing, stating reasons, within four weeks of receipt of the complaint, of his opinion on the merits of any complaint, whether or not accompanied by recommendations.


The complaints officer and the accused will observe confidentiality in handling the complaint.


The complainant does not have to pay any compensation for costs related to the handling of the complaint.

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