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We go beyond service delivery. Digitally enhanced assets and the review thereof are part of our business model as well. Firstly, we productize lessons learned and diligently process best practice approaches. Secondly, we collaborate with other providers by reviewing their tools.


We believe in the added value of product customization, especially for right employee experience. Simultaneously we recognize what you are tasked with in today’s fast-paced world. Micro real world moments will be there that you just need e.g. a top notch model employment contract quickly, conveniently and efficiently. VL Models does this for you with more than 250+ road maps, flow charts, quick reference cards, frequently asked questions, step plans, contracts, handbooks and the like in our data base. We have in store what you can think of. VL Models saves you time and makes your life more easy and better.


We collaborate with other providers by reviewing their tools, as we believe this solves the now, creates societal value next and spurs innovation in the beyond, convinced of the win-win as well as the strength of our own value proposition, especially in the field of global mobility.

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